Hiring Millennial Interns? [INFOGRAPHIC]



By Lydia Abbot


Ah, millennials. Born between the early 80s and late 90s, this generation continues to baffle researchers, marketers, and pretty much everybody else. Just google “millennials” and you’ll see there is no shortage in articles and studies.


Naturally, millennials present a challenge to employers as well. Recruiting them to join your company requires a different approach from previous generations and understanding their values and motivators is key to hiring and retaining them. It’s almost like you need to a guide to really figure out how to approach this finicky generation.
So, we made one.


The infographic  is based on findings from our 2015 Talent Trends Report and illustrates key insights on how millennials behave when it comes to job searching, what they value career-wise, and how you can engage and hire them.


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