Your Confidence Is Showing!


Confidence = full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing; assurance

Self-Confidence = belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities


It is difficult to achieve any level of success if you lack confidence. How you view yourself directly affects how other people view you. A confident person tends to hold their head high, speak clearly, advocate for themselves, answer questions with assurance, volunteer for different role and activities, and admit when they need help.  Self-confidence is like a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it becomes. Being confident and building your confidence is an ongoing process. There are a number of things you can consciously do to build self-confidence.

Here are 21 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence:

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  2. Take inventory of your skills and strengths.
  3. Develop the skills you need to do the things that matter most to you.
  4. Look for and build supportive relationships
  5. Consciously get involved in things that draw your interest
  6. Build leisure time into your daily schedule
  7. Keep realistic expectations. Respect limitations – yours and others
  8. Replace negative thoughts and ideas with positive influences
  9. Prepare in advance for an upcoming event or task
  10. Practice how you would respond in certain scenarios
  11. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to please everyone
  12. Eliminate unnecessary task from your to-do list to achieve more balance
  13. Remember past achievements and accomplishments
  14. Eliminate negative people and activities from your environment
  15. Do something to help others
  16. Express your true feelings
  17. Respect yourself — ideas, values, decisions
  18. Take pride in your personal appearance
  19. Accept what you can’t change and make a plan to change the things you can
  20. Be yourself
  21. Treat yourself well – you deserve it

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Nicki Sanders, Chief Visionary Officer of Packaged For Success, helps both youth and adults discover their personal power, dream big, and achieve success on their own terms. Ms. Sanders is an experienced trainer, group facilitator, and program manager who holds a Master’s degree in Social Work. Ms. Sanders has over fifteen years of direct experience with diverse populations in residential, school-based, and community based agencies.

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