Get Hired Workshop
During this interactive workshop we will explore the strategies in Get Hired Toolbox: 30 Ways to Land the Job of Your Dreams to help you develop an individual job search plan. Implementing your job new search plan with fidelity will result in greater clarity, less apprehension, and more interviews.


Get To Graduation Workshop
The path to a college degree is rarely linear. Earning a degree is only part of the successful higher education equation. A well-adjusted student has a plan B, C and D, understands the importance of strong connections, practical experience, and marketable skills, and has learned to leverage campus and career opportunities. This workshop will help both graduate and undergraduate students maintain motivation and make the most of their college years.


‘Generation Y’ Workshop Series:
1. Generation Why – Character traits from your generation include confidence, optimism, and an eagerness to learn and contribute. Join other millennials in this workshop to answer three very important questions that will accompany you into your place as a world changer.
2. Work Your Network – Networking effectively is one of the most powerful tools you can use to advance personally and professionally. Improve your skills to successfully navigate academic endeavors, office politics, and other important relationships.
3. Avoid The Boomerang – You’ve landed your dream job and now it’s time to keep moving forward. These strategies will help climb the career ladder and make a lasting impact in your organization.


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