Where Is The Real You?


Authentic = not false or copied; genuine

Human beings are created to live in groups.  We are social creatures who want to be loved and accepted.  We live in a world that bombards us with its standards of beauty, success, and normalcy.  You may have been called odd or different more times than you care to remember but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to conform.  Don’t settle for being a carbon copy of someone else when you can be authentically you.


If you want to get more out of life, then it’s time to embrace your individuality and accept yourself for exactly who you are. Embracing your individuality doesn’t mean that there won’t be things within you that want to change.  Embracing your individuality means you see the real you, who is imperfect, but you know you’re still amazing. 


Let’s go beyond the superficial “beauty is only skin deep” and get to the root of what makes you uniquely you? 

  • How would you describe your personality?
  • What quirky habits do you have?
  • What dreams do you have that other people don’t understand?
  • Do you have a hobby or special interest that isn’t shared by a large majority?


All these things fit together to create the puzzle that is you. Just like no two snowflakes are exactly alike no two human being are exactly alike. In fact, no two people have been found to have the same fingerprints – our fingerprints are totally unique to each of us.  Although it can be challenging to train yourself not to feel bad about material things and certain capabilities you don’t have, embrace what you do have and be proud of it. Once you begin to accept who you are, your confidence will increase and it will become easier to stop comparing yourself to others. The more you focus on what makes you unique and special, the less you will feel the need to compare yourself to other people.


There are awesome things that make you uniquely you and there is freedom in doing what you’re gifted to do.  Many people have acquired a lot of money or achieved society’s definition of success but still feel empty inside.  True happiness and genuine success don’t leave a void.   Self-love and self-acceptance are essential to true happiness and genuine success.  Genuine success leads to true happiness and vice versa. 


Don’t let fear of rejection hold you back.  People are more willing to accept someone who accepts themselves.  You can never please everyone but refuse to dim your light. Never give the power of influencing your thoughts and actions to people that don’t understand you or have your best interest in mind. It’s time to distance yourself from people who are always critical or demeaning.  The more courage you employ to live out your individuality the more individuality you will discover.  Another bonus is that once you begin to embrace your individuality, it becomes easier to accept uniqueness in others.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”   -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Nicki Sanders, Chief Visionary Officer of Packaged For Success, helps both youth and adults discover their personal power, dream big, and achieve success on their own terms. Ms. Sanders is an experienced trainer, group facilitator, and program manager who holds a Master’s degree in Social Work.  Ms. Sanders has over fifteen years of direct experience with diverse populations in residential, school-based, and community based agencies.

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