What Should I Wear To My Job Interview?



We are judged by our looks. First impressions are extremely important – especially in the professional world. The first visual impression a potential employer has of you is during your job interview. This is why I recommend that you always dress in professional, more traditional attire for a job interview – regardless of the position. In my opinion it is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. In general, the candidate dressed in a suit is going to make a much better impression than the candidate dressed in jeans or a sundress. Once hired you can dress more casually if the company culture allows it.


General interview attire rule of thumb:
• Suit – solid, dark (black, navy blue, or dark gray)
• Conservative jewelry
• Limited to no cologne, perfume, body spray, or after shave
• Knee length skirts for women
• Light make-up
• Collared shirt for men
• Coordinated blouse for women (no cleavage)
• Conservative dress shoes (no open toes for women and no athletic shoes)
• Neutral/natural pantyhose for women


It is extremely important to research a company before your interview. An applicant for a corporate job or a position in a more conservative company should stick with traditional dark suits. If you are interviewing for a more creative position or for a job in a less conservative company you can add more style and color. If you are applying for a less professional position such as a cashier in an athletic shoe store I recommend business casual – khakis and a solid polo shirt or button-up over jeans and a t-shirt.

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  • Thank you for this article! Dressing professionally is the first step to succeed.
    But sometimes this isn’t enough…

    • Thanks for reading Mark. You are so correct that it takes more than a professional outfit to land the job of your dreams. That’s why I help my clients start at step one and keep moving through the #GetHired list with flexibility and confidence.

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