Use Technology To Your Advantage When Job Hunting



Technology and social media have had a major impact on the job search process. Although many job seekers have been disqualified from the applicant pool because of negative images, comments, or posts that live in infamy in cyberspace, savvy job hunters use technology to their advantage. Here are three ways to use technology to your advantage.


1. Research the company before you apply for the position.
The cookie cutter approach may save you time but it won’t help you land your dream job. Every resume and cover letter should be customized. This is why it’s important to know as much as you can about a company before applying for any position. Your employment documents should demonstrate how your skills match the job announcement and relate directly to the employer’s needs.


2. Research the interviewer/hiring manager before your interview.
Once you make it past he initial gatekeepers, research is even more crucial. You gain a competitive edge over other candidates when you can ask and answer specific company related questions. It is helpful to know the name, education, background, and role of the interviewer. You may also learn information about the interviewer (example: you attended the same college) that allows you to connect on a more personal level. In addition to knowledge about the interviewer it is essential to have a clear understanding of the company mission and values as well as recent projects, challenges, and accomplishments. Preparation is essential to landing the job of your dreams.


3. Research yourself often.
You must control your digital presence. As I said at the beginning of the blog post, many qualified candidates have been removed from the applicant pool because of unfavorable information found about them online. Run an internet search of your name regularly so that you know what your digital status entails. It’s not enough just to know what personal information is floating around in cyber space about you. You must be proactive not only in removing negative data but also in flooding the internet with positive, quality data.


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