This Feels Like A Job


Welcome to day 8 in my Get Hired job search blog series.  Glad you’re here.


Question of the Day: How much time do you dedicate to your job search?

A successful job search takes work. In fact, for most of us, it takes strategic planning and a commitment of significant amounts of time.


Job Search Tip #7: Treat Your Job Search Like A Job
Take a moment and review strategies 1-6. Satisfactory completion of those tasks takes time. Good enough is rarely good enough – I’m sure you want to go beyond basic satisfaction and wow potential employers. We haven’t even reached the part where we review and revise your cover letter and resume – that will take more time. Consistency and attentiveness are essential. Performing at your job search the way you would perform on a job increases the likelihood that you will obtain a more suitable position more quickly. Yes, there will also be tips on interviewing and networking in this blog series, but today I’m asking you to take out your planner and dedicate specific hours each day and each week to seeking new employment. Take it a step further and make a commitment to researching and applying for a certain number of positions each week. Your return on investment depends on it.


I would love to hear your questions and feedback.


Stay tuned for job search tip #8 tomorrow.

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Nicki Sanders, Chief Visionary Officer of The Teen Toolbox, is a Life Skills Expert who uses her Packaged For Success™ programs to help clients set goals for life and create a road map to reach those goals. Ms. Sanders is an experienced case manager, trainer, and administrator. She offers professional development training for both youth and adults. Ms. Sanders holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and has fifteen years of direct experience with a diverse array of clients in residential, school-based, and community based agencies.

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  • This is an AWESOME article Nicki!! I LOVE that you are helping teens in this way – I have a teen and it’s been quite a challenge – because I’m an entrepreneur he’s much more interested in having that kind of a lifestyle where he answers to no one but himself – but he’s yet to create his “entrepreneurship” and the money that goes along with it. He may need to think about getting a JOB in the interim while he figures out his vision!

    • Amethyst, I too have raised an entrepreneur who has elected to enter the employment world . A job can be a great way to kick the entrepreneurial dreams into action. Sometimes experiencing what you don’t want provides greater clarity on what you do want.

  • It is so great you are helping the young people figure the JOB market all out. Thanks for sharing. Anita

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Anita. I am also returning to previous skill sets by supporting adults in the job search process with my Get Hired Strategy Session. Please feel free to share the blog series with any adults who may be job hunting.

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