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Last night I watched the finale on Rachel vs Guy Kids Cook Off on The Food Network. Eight young chefs competed for a title and their own webs series on Ten year old Brandon was the winner.  These kids really made some really complex dishes.Although I did not see the three prior episodes in the series, I was very impressed with the skills, commitment, and love of learning each child possessed. They also did very well under pressure. (#RvGKids)


There were three things that I really appreciated about the show:

  1. Each child was accompanied by at least one parent. The parents were available and supportive.
  2. The parents helped their children recognize their talents and gifts early in life and then nurtured those gifts.
  3. The young contestants were a part of a team and mentored by experienced, compassionate chefs (Rachel Ray and Guy Fieri)


Although many people on Twitter wished every child could win, I’m glad there was only one winner. the kids learned a great life skills in a safe environment – disappointments and losses are a part of life. That was evident at the end of the show when one of the contestants remarked. “Challenge lost knowledge gained. It’s not about winning it’s about learning.”.


Brandon, 2013 winner, shows viewers it’s possible to cook a quick and easy meal in less than 20 minutes on “Cooking in the Fast Lane’,. Watch as he goes out on the streets of New York City in search of busy people he can cook for.


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