Although many people misunderstand them, negatively stereotype them, underestimate them, and are even a bit afraid of them, I love working with teens.  Teens are not just our future – they are our present. I believe that we all have an obligation to prepare a better world for them to inherit and also to adequately prepare them to be world changers. 


As we continue to highlight the great work of various agencies, individuals, and publications throughout National Foster Care Month, today I want to send a very special THANK YOU to all the foster parents stepping in to bring positive changes to so many lives.  Happy Foster Care Month!! YOU ROCK!! (Oh, and by the way, I do realize that society negatively stereotypes foster parents as well).


I have developed a workshop series to support foster parents (and other parents as well) on your journey.


Session I

Yes, Your Teen Needs To Be Packaged For Success™


Session II

5 Steps To Success: Empowering Teens To Forge Their Own Path


Session III

Parent Power: We Are All In This Together


Contact me directly to bring this workshop series to YOU.


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Nicki Sanders, MSW, Chief Visionary Officer

The Teen Toolbox utilizes youth portfolio development and civic engagement and academic empowerment strategies to help teens set goals for life after high school and create a road map to reach those goals through its PACKAGED FOR SUCCESS™ Programs.  We are committed to supporting and raising awareness about the needs and potential of teenagers in the foster care system.


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