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I am a macro social worker with a Masters of Social Work degree with a concentration in Management and Community Organization and a specialization in Social Action and Community Development. Macro social work activities benefit large groups of clients, or society in general, by introducing large scale positive change through systemic solutions.  Throughout my career I have been able to apply my knowledge of human behavior, individual motivation, and interpersonal relationships learned in the classroom into business and nonprofit environments.  After nearly a decade of hiring, training, and supervising employees, interns, and volunteers I still love management.


Customers want to patronize businesses that invest in their employees and their communities.  I am committed to capacity building and sustainability of both companies and employees.  My consulting goal is to put the right intern into the right position so that company productivity and profits increase while the intern develops valuable professional skills and connections.

Accepting Consulting Projects In The Following Areas:

  • Launching a New Internship Program
  • Improving an Existing Internship Program
  • Hiring and Managing Interns
  • Team Building and Staff Retention





I am an experienced trainer, professor, and workshop facilitator. I deliver engaging presentations for administrators and managers, colleges and universities, interns and entry level employees, and human services professionals.


Speaking Topics:

  • Developing Internship Programs
  • Managing Interns and Millennial Staff
  • Careers in Human Services
  • Value of a Career Portfolio
  • Community Outreach and Partnership Development


Let me help you achieve your organizational and professional goals through consulting, training, or coaching. Email info at

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