Read This Before You Share Your Salary In Your Cover Letter



One of the most important considerations for a job is the salary. Salary talk can be scary and tricky. How much money should you ask for? Don’t give a salary that is too low or that is outrageously high. One wrong move and you can sell yourself short or eliminate yourself from the applicant pool.

Here are 5 tips for including your salary requirements in your cover letter:
1. Don’t include your salary range, salary history, or minimum salary in your cover letter unless it is requested by the employer.
2. Never list your salary requirement at the beginning of your cover letter.
3. Use a salary search site to get an idea for an average salary for the position you are applying for.
4. Only state a minimum salary that you are actually willing to accept.
5. Never give a salary range that is more than $10,000 (difference). My preference is a $5,000 range.


Although many employers now request your salary history you do not have to share your private information. The two most important are details for employers are (1) your current salary, and (2) the compensation you expect for the position you are applying for.

Here are 5 alternatives to sharing your salary history in a cover letter:
1. My salary requirement is negotiable based upon the duties of the position.
2. I prefer to discuss my salary requirements during an interview.
3. My salary history falls under confidentiality agreements with past employers.
4. Based on my education and past experience I believe that XOXO is fair compensation for this position.
5. My current salary is in the mid 60’s (for example).



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Before You Share Your Salary In Cover Letter









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