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Welcome back to day 27 in our Get Hired job search blog series.  We’re near the home stretch.


Question of the Day: Are you ready to build your network?

An informational interview is a face to face meeting that allows you to learn more about an additional position or career field.  An informational interview can be less stressful than a regular interview because you are seeking information and not a job.  The informational interview offers is also a chance to build self-confidence and improve your interview skills.


Job search tip #26: Schedule an informational interview

You can research companies and industry leaders and cold call informational interview prospects or connect with your professional network and ask for referrals for a person who can provide insight into your industry, offer employment leads, and/or help you expand your professional network.


Each interview is a business meeting so you must maintain professionalism and follow standard interview protocol related to attire, timeliness, and body language.  During an informational interview, you are in control of the discussion so it is critical that you have a clear objective for this meeting and have quality questions prepared in advance.  Remember that this should be a two-way dialogue and not rapid fire questioning.  Please share any information you have that may prove beneficial to them or their business.  At the end of the interview, ask for recommendations for other people you should speak to that can provide valuable career advice and for people to talk to who may have or be aware of job openings in your field.  As with all interviews, thank them for their time and send a thank you note.



Stay tuned for job search tip #27 tomorrow.


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  • Thanks for the tips! I’m glad I found your site, a good friend of mine has been looking for a job for a long time now. I’m sure your Get Hired series will help her.

    • So glad you found the Get Hired blog series as well. I trust that your friend will find it beneficial. Please also share that I am offering a 45-minute Get Hired Strategy Session and that my ebook “Get Hired Toolbox: 30 Ways to Land the Job of Your Dreams” will be available in August.

  • Informational interviews were always the key to getting the next introduction that led to the job for me.

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