Poverty and Hunger and Urban Farms



This DC native LOVES farms – cows, horses, barns, and green grass. More specifically, I LOVE the Pennsylvania countryside and visiting Amish country. I LOVE driving through the Shenandoah Valley. I love the slow pace, the views, and the ability to truly be self-sufficient. I loved “The Simple Life” long before Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie hit reality TV stardom. I’m more Green Acres than The Beverly Hillbillies. I love Baby Boom and For Richer or For Poorer.  One of my favorite television movies is the pioneer/homestead Love Saga (Hallmark Channel series). This fascination has grown up with me.

• I want to look out of my window and see green pastures with cows and horses but I don’t want to smell the animals and definitely don’t want to clean up after them. Clearly that means I need quite a few acres of land and a few farmhands.
• I want a farm but I don’t want to become a farmer. I absolutely want a grape vine and probably an apple tree. I might grow a few vegetables but I don’t see me personally growing all of my food. Guess I should look for a gardener/farmer while searching for farmhands.
• I want a big red barn but not to house animals. A barn that can be used as an event facility – flea markets, weddings, parties, conferences, camps and the like.


As a macro social worker, health education professional, and adjunct professor, my poverty, health, and sustainability research has taken me from urban gardening to urban farming. I can’t explain how excited I was when I logged on to the Prince George’s Community College website and learned that they offer non-credit agriculture courses. The college website somehow lead me to Maryland’s Best Agriculture and the next thing I knew an hour had passed and the searching continued.


I left city life for the suburbs years ago but rural life has always been calling my name. The shouts are getting louder so I’m sure there will be more farm life blogs down the road…in the meantime, join me on Twitter and check out these cool organizations:


It’s officially official – I want to attend a food equity/food distribution meeting, forum, or conference. Recommendations accepted!!

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