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Welcome back to our Get Hired job search blog series.  We’re on day 26 and still going strong.


Question of the Day: Have you been in the interview hot seat?

Be aware that you may have to pass a panel interview on your way to getting hired.  Most job applicants are a bit nervous when they interview.  Being evaluated by multiple employees in a group or panel interview can be especially stressful. 


Job search tip #25: Each interview panelist will approach the interview from their personal view


The best way to prepare for a panel interview is to research the company thoroughly and find out as much as you can about each interviewer.  Bring enough copies of your resume to provide one for each member of the interview panel.  After the standard interview introductions, remember (or write down) the name of each panel member.  The makeup of the panel is often indicative of the company culture.  Be aware of their personality types and body language and give eye contact to each person when they pose a question.  Try to build rapport with each panel member. Your goal, just like in a single interviewer job interview, is to explain how your skills and experience are a match for the position and the organization.  Prepare a question to ask each interviewer.  Shake hands with each panel member and thank them at the end of the interview.  Send a thank-you note to each panelist that reiterates your interest in the position.


Stay tuned for job search tip #26 tomorrow.


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  • Great post! When I was looking for work outside my house (fortunately I don’t have to do that anymore), I would make sure I made eye contact with each panelist and I would remember their name.

    Sometimes it would be harder to read them, but I definitely tried to get a feel for their personalities, so I could know what to expect.

  • Even worse is the panel interview at a restaurant! Had to do a few of those back in the day.

  • Great advice! The only group interview type thing I have ever been through was to get my education degree in college. It was very intimidating, but engaging and fun at the same time 🙂

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