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Welcome back to our Get Hired job search blog series.  It’s day 15?


Question of the Day: Did you agree with yesterday’s post?

Of course people have worn cardigans, polo shirts, dresses, or khakis to interviews and been hired.  Despite that, I am reiterating what I said on yesterday – An active job search is not the time to be eccentric and trendy.  Consider going along with the business crowd because a two-piece matched dark color suit is the safest option for both men and women.


Job search tip #14: Avoid bright, trendy, and juvenile fabrics and accessories. 

Remember that job hunting is a very individual process.  I didn’t say a dark suit is the only option – I said the most practical option for those who would rather be safe than sorry. Boring, drab business suits ARE a thing of the past, but Ican’t think of many businesses where a tie from your favorite sports team, large pink feather earrings, a jersey or green stilettos will not cause alarm or at least a brief pause upon first professional meeting.  How about going for what’s least likely to cause a stir?

  • Every company has a different culture and dress code.  Remember to do your research.
  • Many people interpret “business casual” in different ways.
  • Start with your best attire because some positions require multiple interviews.
  • Don’t let your clothing and jewelry distract from your verbal presentation.
  • Add a pop of color with your shirt/blouse (that is worn under a blazer or cardigan).



Stay tuned for job search tip #15 tomorrow.



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