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So glad you’ve joined us for our July job search blog series.  Today is day 10 in the Get Hired program.  What did you think of the first 8 strategies?


Question of the Day: How Did I Add Value In That Instance?

When considering job applicants, employers ask themselves how each candidate can help them solve their problems and meet their goals. Revisit your list of accomplishments and ask yourself “how did I add value in that instance”? Think in terms of qualitative and quantitative results. Long gone are the days where resumes only detail job duties.


Job search tip #9: View employment from the employer’s perspective

Your resume will be screened by computer software as well as hiring managers.  In order to increase the likelihood that you will be selected for an interview, your resume and cover letter should include the key words found in the job announcement for which you are responding.  It is a good idea to research similar positions online to find additional key words employers may be looking for.


Action verbs clearly communicate your experience and achievements. 

Accomplished                      Balanced                  

Coordinated                         Delivered                             

Expanded                             Facilitated                

Guided                                  Handled                    

Implemented                        Joined                                  

Kept                                       Led    

Maintained                            Negotiated              

Outlined                                 Produced                             

Qualified                               Researched             

Scheduled                            Transformed           

Updated                               Volunteered                          

Wrote                                    Yielded


We’ll see you back here tomorrow for job search tip #10.



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