How Do You Define Entrepreneurial Employee?



If you watch Shark Tank you know that The Sharks rarely do business with entrepreneurs who have jobs outside of their business. If the Sharks make a deal they expect the entrepreneur or one of the partners to commit he selves full-time to the business almost immediately. Why is that?
Today let’s engage in a dialogue.
I posed the question “how do you define entrepreneurial employee” on one of my social media platforms a few weeks ago. An awesome interaction between employees and entrepreneurs ensued.
Some of the responses included:
-The term is a contradiction. An entrepreneur is responsible for everything and risks it all while employees do not.
-Employment is a contract.
-Someone who takes pride in and ownership of their work.
-Someone who is promoted quickly
-We idolize entrepreneurs and look down on employees.


What do you think? How do you define entrepreneurial employee?
Consider these additional questions.
-Are the words entrepreneur and employee both a status/title and a characteristic/description?
-Does society as a whole engage in “employee shaming” as Pamela Skim suggests?
-Are the skills needed be become a successful employee the same as the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur?
If you are a ‘Employee Entrepreneur’ who needs support in starting or growing your entrepreneurial venture while working a regular job please contact me for individual coaching.

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