Happy Independence Day


Happy Independence Day! THANK YOU  to all who have served and made this country great!

This special holiday is all about freedom and independence. As I continue on my success journey I want you to know that none of us can be successful without introspection.  I am on a constant self-discovery quest and you know what — I like what I discover.

As a mother I always put my daughter’s needs before my own even to my detriment at times. Newsflash: Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential.

As an employee and entrepreneur I have tried to do everything myself.  I am now great at setting limits and delegating.

As a friend and family member I was the “go to” person for a myriad of things.  I have released myself from those tasks that weren’t my responsibility I and will not return to that place.

Today I am more committed to being my best self and living my best life. My 4th of July festivities include adding new pages and pictures to my vision book.  This inner freedom and peace is amazing!!

I invite you to also free yourself from anyone or anything that is holding you back, weighing you down, or preventing you from becoming as great as you can be. You can’t soar with anchors.


Independence Day

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