Dedicated to Bobbi Kristina Brown


I was so sad to hear about the tragic incident and passing of Bobbi Kristina Brown. It has touched me so deeply (as did the passing of her mother, Whitney Houston) I had to write this blog.
• Yes, I am a huge New Edition and Bobby Brown fan.
• Yes, I loved Whitney and she was an amazing singer.


Would I care if this was the daughter of non-famous parents? Of course I would, but the passing of this babygirl touches me in a way that many of you may not understand. Bobbi Kristina was born in the same year as my daughter. Whitney and I were pregnant at the same time. I’ve watched her grow up amid pain and chaos all while in the public spotlight. I have been rooting for this babygirl to have a chance at a normal, stable life for 22 years. Like an Auntie, I wanted to protect her from her money and her fame and her despair. I watched Bobbi Kristina lose her mother – a pain I can’t imagine. I could feel her emptiness and fear and instability in nearly every media encounter. I’ve watched the strained relationship among her family members weaken and weaken. Despite the hardships, I wanted deeply for Bobbi Kristina to flourish and develop into her greatness. I believed she would overcome! The chance has been taken away. Her life ended before it really began. My heart aches for the Brown and Houston families.

Rest In Peace Babygirl. Your mommy now gets to hold you again.



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