Dear Entrepreneurs, Perfection Doesn’t Exist



Since I began my career in human services I’ve loved my work. It is my career experiences that led me to entrepreneurship. I became an entrepreneur not because I was unfulfilled or disgruntled but because I believed so strongly in the work I was doing that I wanted to do more of it with more people. When I started my business I was a single parent of a teenager, a full-time employee, and a graduate student. Making money in my business was not a priority.



Packaged For Success is a full service professional development company which offers career development coaching to college students, emerging professionals experienced professionals, and employee entrepreneurs. Packaged For Success also offers community relations consulting to help businesses and professionals increase productivity and profits, develop strategic alliances, and connect to organizations that reflect their values. The information and resources I provide have always been applicable to multiple genders, generations, and geniuses but for years I tried to continually narrow my focus and fit everything I offer into one neat little category. It was an unnecessary struggle. I became an entrepreneur to do more of what I love not to limit myself. Not any longer!



I am a recovering, risk-adverse perfectionist. One of the ways perfectionism shows up for me is through procrastination. My procrastination style includes analysis paralysis and constant additional learning. My passion hasn’t changed. My goals haven’t changed. The people I serve hasn’t changed. But I have changed. I have become a savvier entrepreneur – I’ve learned from my mistakes, learned from other people’s mistakes, and implemented the “take action revise later” strategy. Today I play to my strengths, better utilize available tools and systems, prioritize income generating tasks, and market my business more clearly and consistently. My website isn’t perfect but I blog three times a week anyway. I’ve streamlined my social media and only use platforms that I actually like. I even surprised myself when I went a year without business cards but I continued to network and market. Break out of the mold. Dear Entrepreneurs, Perfection Doesn’t Exist.



Contact me for individual coaching if you are an Employee Entrepreneur who is struggling to balance business and employment, unsure of what tools and systems will help you grow your business, or are unclear about your next entrepreneurial steps.



NoteToSelf Perfection Doesn't Exist








Nicki Sanders, The Packaged For Success Coach, is an experienced trainer, group facilitator, and program manager. She has packaged her Masters of Social Work degree and over 15 years of work experience into Packaged For Success, a training and professional development company. Packaged For Success provides career coaching to college students, entry-level job hunters, and experienced employees seeking a promotion. Packaged For Success also offers communication and productivity improvement training for employees and supervisors and provides consultation on building sustainable, impactful, socially responsible community programs.

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