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I am a strong proponent of professional development and continuous learning. If you are interested in work with children and youth I recommend that you take the Child and Family Services Agency Mandated Reporter training (even if you do not live or work in Washington, DC) to learn more about child abuse and neglect and also build your resume.


Mandated reporters are an integral part of the protection of children (in the District of
Columbia). Individuals who frequently work with children are often the first adults to see signs of child abuse or neglect. The nature of their child friendly professions makes them uniquely qualified to protect children from maltreatment. Individuals in those professions are mandated reporters because they are legally mandated to report child abuse and neglect.


How long is the training?
If you participate in all the learning activities, the average completion time is 2.0 hours.

However, there is no time limit, so feel free to browse through the resources as you learn. If you need to leave the training, you may logout (using the button at the right end of the top toolbar) and return later by using your email and password. This training is an opportunity for you, the mandated reporter, to learn as much as possible about this important role. Use the numerous activities and links to refresh previous knowledge and to learn new skills that will help you fulfill your mandate to report child abuse and neglect.


After you complete this training, you should be able to:
•Understand your legal obligations as a mandated reporter
•Define the types of child abuse and neglect
•Recognize signs of child abuse and neglect
•Identify groups of children who may be at a higher risk for abuse or neglect
•Learn how to respond to a child who discloses abuse or neglect
•Know how to prepare for and make a report of child abuse/neglect
•Understand the process that occurs after a report is made


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