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Smile…The Election Is Over

  Because I have election fatigue I want to share this video with you. “I Smile” by Kirk Franklin I don’t know if your candidate won or loss but America, it’s time to let the healing begin. We have work to do!

Will You Make The Impossible Possible?

  Make the Impossible Possible: One Man’s Crusade to Inspire Others to Dream Bigger and Achieve the Extraordinary book is a great read for interns and internship managers.  It is a blueprint for what is possible when we believe, focus, commit, collaborate, and persevere.  The social worker in could barely contain my enthusiasm as I …

Happy Birthday America

  THANK YOU to all who have served our country. Celebrating Independence Day!     Please exercise your freedom and right to vote this fall.  #Democracy #Freedom #Equality #Inclusion The National Anthem by G. Star Swain America The Beautiful by Ray Charles video

A Great Cupcake With Great Customer Service

  If you read my post “Managers Need Good Customer Service Skills Too” you will know that I expect to be treated well in any business that I patronize.  I experienced poor customer service on my visit to my local office supply store. On the last journey of my 3 day business development retreat with …

Happy New Year: 2016 Mantra

It’s 2016! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you a year filled with love, peace, fulfillment, and opportunity. I’m not making a New Year’s resolutions but my 2016 mantra is: COMMIT, FOCUS, THRIVE What is your 2016 mantra?  

Speak What You Want

WORDS HAVE POWER – SPEAK WHAT YOU WANT – NOT WHAT YOU DON’T!                                               Nicki Sanders, The Packaged For Success Coach, is an experienced trainer, group facilitator, and program manager. She has packaged …

Can I Share A Few Life Lessons With You?

  Our Pack A Purse™ Drive has ended successfully and now I can focus on me and my goals for the rest of the year.  December is a time of reflection and preparation for me. I reflect on my achievements and accomplishments as well as my shortcomings and mistakes while planning ahead for my new …

Don’t Let the Office Holiday Party Ruin Your Job

  Office holiday parties can be fun.  The thing you want to remember most about office holiday parties is that they are primarily professional events. Do not treat the office holiday as a typical social event. This is not the time to let loose. Maintain your professional standards and boundaries while having fun.   Five …