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Two of my new favorite television shows are ‘You Live In What’ where visionaries turn diverse nonresidential buildings into amazing abodes and ‘Tiny House Nation’ where families abandon regular residences for homes that are less than 500 square feet. The homeowners have ditched conventional living to reside in the homes of their dreams and live a lifestyle that is authentic and true to their values and goals.


You might be wondering what these two television shows have to do with getting promoted. Here are the commonalities:


Many of us work on jobs we don’t love. We settle for what is available based on income or location or some other issue outside of ourselves. This is a no judgment zone – bills need to be paid and families need to be fed. Accepting a job should be like buying a house. House hunting generally takes some time and construction of a new home is also a process. I believe that a job should be a part of a career plan. Finding the right job will take time and should represent your values, goals, and preferences. I believe that when you design your career like an architect designs a home you will thrive. You will also be a better employee and a better “all the other hats you wear’.


One of your 2015 professional goals may be to get promoted but before you seek a promotion in your current company ask yourself if you’re doing what you love in a company that you love. Is this job really where you want to be and who you want to spend 8 hours a day with?  is this the industry that makes your heart smile?


Successful careers take time. Self-discovery is essential – do the inner work to build a career. Don’t just work a job.


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Nicki Sanders is an experienced trainer, group facilitator, and program manager. She has packaged her Masters of Social Work degree and over 15 years of work experience into Packaged For Success, a training and professional development company. Packaged For Success provides career development coaching to college students and job seekers. Packaged For Success also offers communication and productivity improvement training for employees and supervisors as well as provides consultation on building sustainable, impactful, socially responsible corporate programs.

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