Black Girls Rock Is Not Racist


Racism is the hatred or intolerance of races other than your own. White supremacy believes that all non-whites are unequal and unworthy. Black people were brought to this country as property – no rights, no freedom, no love. For hundreds of years we were not considered fully human. Out of those horrific experiences came the Black pride movement which was founded in love and pride – not separation and superiority.

  1. The Black Girls Rock organization isn’t racist.
  2. The Black Girls Rock awards program isn’t racist.
  3. Yes, Michelle Obama is the First Lady of the entire United States but her attendance at the Black Girls Rock awards doesn’t make her a racist.


Mainstream media rarely shows us positive images of Black women and girls. Television, movies, magazines, toys, video games, and fashion shows are all flooded with images of European beauty. The evening news and social media want you to believe that all Black teenage girls are stealing, fighting, illiterate, or pregnant. Black Girls Rock shatters those stereotypes. Black Girls Rock is about sisterhood and empowerment. It is a celebration of the accomplishments and achievements of Black women and girls. A showcase of beauty, brains, politics, education, courage, confidence, and service. If we don’t support our sisters then who will? If we don’t show our greatness then who will? If we don’t believe in ourselves, who will? In 2015 we are still striving for respect and equality.

  • The NAACP is no more racist than The National Council of La Raza.
  • Black History month is as essential as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.
  • ESPN has how many sports channels? More than are dedicated to Black culture.
  • Just like feminism is pro-woman not anti-man, Black Girls Rock is about self-love and not racism.
  • The Soul Train Awards are no more racist that the Latin Grammy Awards.
  • Black Girls Rock is as necessary as Girls Who Code and The Girl Scouts.


Black Girls Rock is an inspiration and a declaration!

And for the record, Black Lives Matter isn’t racist either.

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