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Serendipity – an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident

I’ve had the feeling the last few weeks that I should be doing something. I wasn’t feeling stuck or even stagnant but more like if I didn’t shake things up I would fall back into an old comfort zone. Thinking of being in my comfort zone made me extremely uncomfortable. I knew there was something on the horizon but I didn’t know what. I was grateful (in advance) for whatever was coming next.

Yesterday, I had the song “Lovin’ Me” by Jonathan McReynolds on repeat all day. I played it in my car, on my cell phone, and on my computer. I don’t often write about my religious beliefs but I am a Christian. The chorus of the song says “Lord, I want to thank you for always loving me”. I think I literally heard this beautiful song 30 times and it brought me such a sense of acceptance, peace, and pure Godly LOVE! In the midst of my day, three things happened that could seem insignificant but were huge motivators.  I received the download. My next steps would not be a huge leap. I am an idea person but there would be no “big thing”. I moved forward by revisiting previous “to do” lists and picking up where I had left off. Those lists still didn’t scare me but the enthusiasm had returned.

1. In the afternoon I received an email reminder for a replay of a great teleseminar. I had overlooked the first email but the reminder caught my attention and I caught the replay. My professional speaking goals were reignited. I had been wrestling with the creation of a new speaker sheet for weeks but during the teleseminar the ideas flowed effortlessly.

2. My daughter and I had our annual physicals and I sensed there would be a long wait so I grabbed two books before heading out. Because of a statement my daughter made I “traded” books with her even though I had already begun reading my selection. After the switch I ended up reading a book that was recommended to me over three months ago but I never purchased. Last week someone purchased it for me. The book is amazing. At least a half dozen goals came back to me (along with a couple new blog ideas).

3. I was talking to a friend and in the midst of our conversation she said she had to “slow down to speed up”. That phrase perfectly described my mental, physical, and emotional state. She was also feeling what I hadn’t been able to verbalize. Hearing her say those words blew the door off my comfort zone. My social media footprint is now expanding.

I believe that when you are thankful you are awarded more things to be thankful for. I am grateful for my constant state of gratitude. Some people believe in serendipity. I don’t believe any of my ‘desired discoveries’ happened by accident. I know my download came from above!

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