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Each week I write three blogs on career, education, and life. I’ve created informative, interactive workshops and seminars and have published a career development book. I am a guest lecturer in undergraduate and graduate Human Services courses. Stay tuned for our membership program for job seekers and our membership program for employees who want to get promoted. Make sure to join or mailing list as our weekly email newsletter will launch at the end of the summer. Today I want to know how best I can support YOU.

Are you wondering:

  • How to make a positive first impression
  • What to do if you get stereotyped or pigeon-holed
  • The best way to partner with your college adviser
  • Transition from college to the workforce
  • How to create systems and maximize to time
  • Strategies to capitalize on your skills and credentials
  • How far in the future should you plan your career
  • Add your own

I believe in your abilities and capabilities and want to support you on this success journey.

What questions do you want to Ask Career Coach Nicki?

Please leave your comments and questions below related to job hunting, earning a degree in the Human Services field, career advancement, and professional connections.

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Nicki Sanders, Chief Visionary Officer of Packaged For Success, helps both youth and adults discover their personal power, dream big, and achieve success on their own terms. Ms. Sanders is an experienced trainer, group facilitator, and program manager who holds a Master’s degree in Social Work. Ms. Sanders has over fifteen years of direct experience with diverse populations in residential, school-based, and community based agencies.

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