Am I The Only One Who Wants A Scream Tour Reunion?



While I have been #TeamNewEdition since 1983 my daughter was totally #TeamB2K with extra love for Chris Brown and Bow Wow in her tween years. In other words, I have been to every ‘Scream Tour’ in the DC area. Yep, I was even in the theater when You Got Served, This Christmas, and Like Mike hit the big screen. I’ve heard ‘Bump, Bump, Bump’, ‘Run It’, and ‘Take Ya Home’ way too many times. I’ve literally watched Omarion, Chris, and Bow Wow grow into adults.


Fast forward! I was shocked when I learned that Omarion would become a cast member on Love and Hip Hop LA. My first thought was that he was too young to be washed up and had been too hot to stoop to this level. Against my better judgment I promised an awesome Millennial that I would watch at least the first 10 minutes of the show. It was absolutely painful. I immediately changed the station when my 10 minutes were up. I felt like his Auntie watching helplessly.  I really wanted to be able to pull him aside and have a “keepin it real” heart to heart.  My daughter recently informed me that Bow Wow will be joining the cast this season. The drama depicted on the show has made long-time fans realize they don’t like Omarion as much as they thought they did. I think the same will happen to Bow Wow. It literally pains me to watch the careers of these rising stars ascend and descend. I want to tell them both that this reality TV show is a HORRIBLE career advancement strategy (#CareerTip).


On our day trip to Pennsylvania last week, ‘Shorty Like Mine’ came on the radio and I felt a sense of nostalgia. It reminded me of good times with my babygirl (who is now a grown woman). We both smiled and reminisced. Chris Brown and Bow Wow were such cute little boys when that song was popular. Then my daughter told me that Omarion and Chris Brown have a new song and will be touring together. That made me hopeful that Bow Wow would join them for a sort of ‘Scream Tour’ reunion. I definitely would not be in attendance but I want to see them help each other revive their careers on stage – not on TV with cameras following the drama in their lives 24/7. They have all had what I consider an identity crisis.  All have complained of feeling disrespected. It makes me sad to think about their amazing potential and this struggle to remain fulfilled and relevant. I believe that their fame and money prevented their team from telling them what they needed to hear but didn’t want to know – that they are seeking popularity instead of longevity.


Omarion is upset that people like Bump, Bump, Bump more than Ice Box. Bow Wow wants people to remember Fresh As I’m Is instead of Puppy Love.

  • #CareerTip Don’t forget to continue to do the things that made you successful


Omarion’s and Bow Wow’s management team didn’t steer them away from Love and Hip Hop LA. Chris Brown’s management team has failed him too many times to name.

  • #CareerTip Surround yourself with positive mentors who challenge you to do and be your best

Am I The Only One Who Wants A Scream Tour Reunion



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