Am I Really A Jack Of All Trades?


Many of us we are skilled in a variety of areas.  Our culture has taught us to multi-task like our lives depend on it (often times it does).  Throughout my career and definitely as an entrepreneur I have felt like a jack of all trades and a master of none on many occasions.  I have helped clients with housing, food, medical assistance, and clothing.  I have played the role of “work mom”, chauffer, parenting coach, stylist, and teacher.  Some days I have worn the hat of scholarship consultant, academic advisor, counselor, tour guide, and career coach.  I am truly a “do what needs to be done” kind of lady.  In fact, two of my most used phrases are “get it done” and “keep it moving”.  That’s good right?  Well, usually it is.


A few years ago I had begun to run on “auto pilot” for a couple months.   At times I would do a presentation or workshop simply because I had the knowledge or because I was asked.   I was forced to be honest with myself and take a look at how I was spending my time.  I realized that busy doesn’t always equate to productive.  I needed to make some changes.


I facilitated my own strategic planning session.  The first question I asked myself was what to combine, cut out, or create? Then I began to think about how I could do what I love to do in the most effective and efficient way possible.  I realized that I had been successfully helping youth and adults implement key academic, career, and civic engagement methods for many years. I then merged my strategies, activities, and events into four categories.  If you’re still wondering the end result is my Packaged For Success™ Portfolio Development Program for youth.   The four Packaged For Success™  tools are Self-Discovery, Personal Investment, Self-Reflection, and Goal-Setting.  My purpose and passion reconnected — excited can’t accurately describe my emotions.


With my Packaged For Success™ Portfolio Development Program I continue to help teens recognize their talents and gifts, document past achievements, create a personal definition of success, and explore new opportunities.  More importantly the process of building a portfolio helps youth develop and strengthen leadership and organizational skills.  The

Packaged For Success™ Portfolio Development Program final product is a professional portfolio complete with employment tools, academic records, future goals, and a youth who has realized that their life is worth documenting.


Being a “Jack of All Trades” isn’t a bad thing when you are following your purpose and passion while being led to your ultimate goal.

You don’t just have to take my word for it, successful author and entrepreneur Tim Ferris lives the “Jack Of All Trades” lifestyle as well.


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