A Head Start and a Short Cut


Welcome back to our Get Hired job search blog series.  Thank you for staying connected through day 28.  I trust you are making progress in your job search.


Question of the Day: What is a mentor?

The dictionary defines a mentor as a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.  Many financially and professionally successful people have benefited from the guidance of a mentor.  


Job search tip #27: Connect with a mentor

A mentor/mentee relationship can develop as a formal or informal arrangement.  Step one in a successful partnership is to determine why you need or want a mentor.  The mentee (you) can use a mentor to gain new insight, improve skills, or establish new professional relationships.  By sharing their expertise and experience, the mentor is able to strengthen his or her leadership skills.

Rule number one in selecting a mentor is choosing a mentor whose past experiences are similar to your future aspirations.  They key to success is a strong relationship.  You must start by building the relationship before asking someone to take on the task of becoming your mentor.  Look for opportunities to get to know them and make sharing a two-way street.


Consider personalities and characteristic traits in your mentor selection as you will need to be open-minded to make the most of the mentoring experience.  Once you have found your mentor, it is important that you implement the advice that your mentor provides.  You do not have to blindly follow all of their advice, but there is no need in being connected to a mentor whose advice you don’t trust or appreciate.  Do not expect your mentor to solve all your problems or hand you opportunities.  A mentor should be willing to share knowledge but also challenge you to see situations from a different perspective.  Follow up with your mentor and let them know how you utilized and benefited from their wisdom and remember to express gratitude regularly.



Stay tuned for job search tip #28 tomorrow.



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  • Great tips. There are a few bloggers who I follow religiously, although they haven’t become official mentors. Just by following them and using their knowledge, I’ve been able to make my business more successful than just a few months ago!

    • That is such a great point Alexandria. Mentors do not have to be people we know personally. We can learn from those who have gone before us and paved the way — whether we follow them online, read their books, or listen to them on television or radio. Thanks for sharing your experience. — Nicki

  • The need for a mentor is key. Just like a coach a mentor can see things that you dont from your being so close to the things you deal with every day. Having that fresh perspective can speak volumes to becoming a better person with your mentors assistance.

  • Such an essential component of a job search and, in my opinion, life! When we leverage those who’ve gone before it makes our lives so much easier.

    Glad you got some clarity around repurposing! I bet there’s a ton of stuff you have that could be used in so many ways.

    Laugh Lots, Love More!

    • I couldn’t agree more that mentorship is beneficial in every area of our lives. In addition to shortening our learning curve, mentors can also make the journey a lot more interesting. I

      I a gaining more clarity daily. Thank you for sharing your insight. — Nicki

  • Nicki –

    Love that you started the mentor search with the advice “determine why you need or want a mentor”. AWESOME!! Often we forget to start with the end in mind . . . and that leads to unfulfilling relationships. Once you KNOW what you need, then you can look for someone with those characteristics.

    I think looking ahead and identifying the end result is so important in so many different areas of our lives . . . project planning, job search, finding a coach, scheduling your day, week, month, life!

    Great post!


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