5 Things to Do Before You Change Your Major


Many students change their major at least once during their college years. Some students change their major several times. Remember that a college major is a field of study not a life-long commitment. Your major may be most important as you pursue your first job after graduation but the truth is that many graduates change jobs and careers throughout their lives. Despite that, changing your college major should not be taken lightly. Here are 5 things you should do before you change your major.
Check Your Transcript –
Many students take general education courses in their first two years. If you have not earned your first 60 credits there is a greater probability that your completed course work will transfer to another major or another institution. If you only have one or two semesters before graduation you may want to reconsider finishing where you started. Whatever your decision, it will likely take longer to graduate college if you change your major.
Meet With College Advisors –
Schedule a meeting with a college advisor that you have worked with because they are aware of your goals and the courses you completed. Then schedule a meeting with an advisor in the major you are considering changing to. Ask about the pros and cons switching. You also want to ask about the resources available at your college and job outlook for each major. Also explore the possibilities for declaring a minor in the new field. Talking with these two should help you get a balanced view of your options.
Visit the College Career Center –
Career Services may be one of the most underutilized resources on any college campus. Visit your career center to learn about available resources for choosing a major, career options for your major, and job and internship opportunities to gain experience in your field.
Consult an Outside Resource –
Now it’s time to leave your campus to get additional information. Talk with a mentor, professional in your field of study, or a college student at a different institution with the same majors. This is a great opportunity to conduct an informational interview to learn more about your major, recommended courses, internships, and what you can expect after graduation.
Do Your Own Research –
After you have talked with your campus and community resources don’t make a final decision until you conduct your own personal research. Don’t forget to explore the costs associated with changing your major, required courses, and potential internships and career paths. The most important research happens from the inside out. Decide what is best for you as an individual then pursue that. Don’t allow someone else to make this important decision for you.


5 Things to Do Before You Change Your Major







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