2015 Mantra: Be More Specific


Christmas is a big deal in my family. Everyone receives Christmas gifts – even if you say you don’t want any gifts. This past Christmas I decided to go back to my childhood days and make a Christmas list. Yep, since I knew I would be getting gifts anyway I decided to make it known what I wanted. I didn’t make this request because the gifts I normally receive are bad. In fact, they’re usually really good. I just decided to be more specific. Here is my list:

  1. Newseum annual membership
  2. Mayor For Life: The Incredible Story of Marion Barry, Jr.
  3. Fred Hammond: I Will Trust (CD)
  4. Jessica Reedy: Transparent (CD)


I gave this four item Christmas list to three people – no guess work involved. I received items 1-3 on Christmas Day.  As I reflected on 2014 and prepared to welcome in 2015 I decided to repeat this success in all areas of my life. My mantra for 2015 is to “Be More Specific”. I will “Be More Specific” about what I want, need, think, say and do. Actually, let me “Be More Specific” in this blog by giving an example. In 2014 I set a goal for multiple income streams. That was it – just multiple income streams. I did not attach a specific dollar amount, a specific number of income streams, nor a specific time frame. I achieved that vague goal  with little fanfare.  This year I am going to be more specific in my income goals and in the types of income producing opportunities I accept.


The Newseum opened in Washington, DC in 2008. I’ve been saying “I want to go” and “I’m going to go” for 6 years. When my Newseum membership card arrived in the mail there was no more “I’m going to go” talk. I specifically planned to visit the first day the Newseum reopened in 2015. I set the intention and had a great time. I can’t wait to go back. (Check out the photos from my visit below. My Christmas list intersected as Marion Barry, Jr. was featured in the Civil Rights exhibit.)  Where can you “Be More Specific”?


What is your 2015 mantra? Feel free to share your 2015 mantra in a comment below!

Newseum Collage 1 2 15
















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